Button Click to Open Page in Web View


Experimenting with the Buzzfeed API and was trying to have a read button that opens a webview on the current page. Is this possible?

Currently, I have to load the URL externally in Safari.

Thank you

Help! Need to add an URL but cant make it work

Hi @ys1, yes this should be possible.
You can add the Webview element to the page and on the button click event call a Set value action and set the webview’s url to whatever url you’re getting from Buzzfeed.

Important, make sure the url you’re getting from buzzfeed contains the protocol part (i.e htttp or https).
e.g. if the url is just www.example.com, it wont work. I should rather be https://www.example.com


Hi @seanhoots ,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve gotten that far, however the issue arises when I want the page to be at the top of my layer hierarchy. The only way I’ve gotten this to work is to make the web view a fraction of the page size, and even then for some reason the background of the web view is transparent.

Here’s an example:

Thank you for your help


did you solve this ?
i have the same issue, cant make it to open a new web page


Would hiding/showing the webview be what you might want to do so that it’s out front when you want it to be and non existent when you don’t?