Border properties for android controls


Hi @Dropsource, will android elements like views and buttons be getting border properties like for android elements?
If yes can we get some estimated times we should expect them.
A number of elements i will have loved to use are missing but i feel if views and buttons had borders i could put some elements together to get the control i want.



Hi there, the reason you don’t see the same display properties on Android as on iOS is because we try to reflect the differing design guidelines on the two platforms. I don’t believe this is currently planned but for the moment you should be able to achieve similar effects by uploading your own custom images and using them as backgrounds to your elements.


I @sue, i’m revisiting this issue. I think a lot has changed since dropsource created those android elements.
Yes you were right that some years back android preferred the more boxy no border style.
But for some time now android material design has changed a lot and its hard to come across any app (even from Google themselves) that doesn’t use borders or rounded corners.

In fact according to the official Android (material) guideline

Material surfaces have a rectangular shape by default, with 4dp rounded corners.

If you take a look at all the components, example for buttons in the Android guideline, you will also notice that by default buttons have rounded corners (4dp) and recommends using buttons with outline (borders) for some specific cases

  1. Text button (low emphasis)
    Text buttons are typically used for less important actions.

  2. Outlined Button (medium emphasis)
    Outlined buttons are used for more emphasis than text buttons due to the stroke.

  3. Contained button (high emphasis)
    Contained buttons have more emphasis, as they use use a color fill and shadow.

  4. Toggle button
    Toggle buttons group a set of actions using layout and spacing. They’re used less often than other button types.

Here is another example of the use of rounded corners in buttons (especially look at the ADD ENTRY button ) and views in the Android guideline

And for borders (or outlines), in fact there is a whole dedicated section on outline buttons

Finally in general i believe Google has embraced this whole concept of roundedness and has implemented it across their products.
Take a look at the current google search page on chrome.

I hope i’ve made a strong case for the need to update the Android elements to reflect the current official guidelines.

So base on your own statement above i think its fair to expect Dropsource update the Android elements to “reflect the design guideline of the platform”. :grinning:

To be specific i’m making a feature request for border properties and border radius for buttons and views according to the Android Material Design Guideline.


Agree on this. this will make the design more pleasing in the eye… similarly with animated hide/show of elements.

right now my app looks like it was built by an amateur (which is true :grinning:).


Thanks for taking the time to put all this together…! :+1:

You’ve certainly made a compelling case lol, and I have to agree we are probably overdue revisiting our Android representation in the platform. Adding these element property options would make a lot more designs possible so would absolutely be of significant value, not just to existing community members but also to potential users checking out what types of UI they can make in Dropsource.

I will be sure to flag this up to the team. Just a note that we have a few pretty substantial developments underway at the moment so I’m not sure we’ll be able to commit to addressing this soon but I’ll get a better idea when I get some feedback from engineering and management.

Cheers @seanhoots :grin:


Hi guys, just an update that the team is discussing putting some investigation into this. It seems implementing rounded corners etc on Android would not be a trivial task so it might require a bit more exploration to establish feasibility. Will keep you updated!