Feature Requests

Integrating with backendless push notifications (2)
Firebase instance ID for IOS (1)
Animated images/GIFs (2)
Screen Transitions for Android (3)
Firebase array object support with non-sequential index (1)
App Bar disappears on scroll (2)
IOS firebase login idToken (10)
Instagram Login (4)
Barcode scanning with Android Honeywell EDA50 (3)
Ipad simulator request (2)
Get current url in webview (4)
Facebook share feature (6)
Notification Badge (2)
Long press/Multiple selection on list (1)
Select Multiple Items/Elements (4)
Chrome Custom Tabs (1)
Will Stripe be added to Dropsource anytime soon? (2)
What support does dropsource have for timezones? (2)
Larger Text Editor Field (12)
IOS Activity Sheet (2)
HTML Embed Element (10)
Location-Triggered Notification / Geofencing (Onesignal suggests using Plot Projects) (3)
SOS fonts! for a better look and feel (1)
Copy and Paste Actions or Group of Actions (5)
OpenAPI 3.0 Compatablity (4)
Enabling Device sensors (3)
Dynamic App bar Menu for pages with Pager View (2)
Appending to a string In Android (9)
Building Charts and Graphs (14)
Webview upload images (2)